About Us


The Quietmen originated in Scranton, PA. We are a family band and have been playing together for many years. The core of the band is the duet of Jamie and Paddy (because we don't have real jobs.) The rest of the band joins in whenever possible. No matter what the configuration of group members, we always have a good time.

The Quietmen include but are not limited to:
Jamie Ratchford- Guitar, vocals, harmonica, Kazoo

Paddy Ratchford- Keyboard, vocals, bodhrain

Danny Ratchford- Guitar, vocals

Molly "Quietgirl" Malone- Tin Whistle, fiddle

Paul Hurst- Drums (monkey percussionist)

Marty Nazar- Guest vocals, guitar

Teddy Bryan- Guest vocals, black belt skills

Read some testimonials:

"No band is better than the Quietmen."
Russell Guilbault, Rochester music critic

"I worked up a powerful thirst singing along with the Quietmen!"
Barry Fitzgerald

"The Quietmen are the best musicians I know!"
Tom Neutron(easily the most dangerous man in the universe)

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